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Pastoral Evaluations - Due April 24

posted on March 18

It is pastoral evaluation time! Below we have explained the purpose of evaluations, forms that need to be filled out, and notes that need to be taken into consideration. 

Purpose of Evaluations:
Per BOD ¶ 349.1 “Evaluation is a continuous process for formation in servant ministry and servant leadership that must take place in a spirit of understanding and acceptance. Evaluation serves as a process for pastors to assess their effectiveness in ministry and to discern God's call to continue in ministry. For clergy serving local churches, the district superintendent, in consultation with the pastor-parish relations committee, will evaluate annually each clergy’s effectiveness for ministry, using criteria, processes, and training developed by the Cabinet and the Board of Ordained Ministry.”

  • Pastor Self-Evaluation – This is to be filled out by the senior pastor only and then reviewed with the PPR. Link to Download Form
  • PPR Evaluation – This is to be filled out by the PPR committee only and then reviewed with the pastor.  Link to Download Form
  • Associate Evaluation – This is to be filled out by the associate pastor, then reviewed with the Senior pastor and signed by the PPR chair. Link to Download Form
Special Notes:
  • All Churches receiving a new pastor in July do not need to fill out an evaluation form.
  • All Pastors who are retiring, moving out of, or moving into new appointments in the district do not need to fill out an evaluation form.

Deadline for Completion:
All evaluations must be received by the district office April 24, 2020.

Sign Ups for Evaluation:
Full-time Pastors ->
Part-time Pastors -


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